Nov 9, 2016

Five Reasons Agile Development Helps IT Co-Sourcing


The rise of the Agile methodology ushered in a new era of software development at the enterprise. It thrives on the collaboration between business stakeholders and those responsible for software delivery. The ultimate result is a faster and more efficient process for building and maintaining applications.

Agile also brings benefits to companies looking to co-source their solution development needs to a third-party provider. Let's look more closely at some of the ways Agile helps the process of IT co-sourcing. They provide some food for thought on your organization's next software project.

Faster Software Delivery

The Agile methodology is focused on speed. Co-sourcing your development needs to a development shop experienced in Agile assures an efficient process. Your internal team is able to concentrate on their core business, leaving the software development tasks to the experts.

Agile breaks up the software development lifecycle into smaller chunks compared to older methodologies. The benefit is a faster, more interactive process, ensuring your application is ready for deployment as soon as possible.

Your Business Team Stays Involved Throughout

The business stakeholders from your company play an important role throughout the Agile development lifecycle, ensuring requirements are met and features work as expected. They typically interact with the software engineering team on a daily basis; vetting the application's functionality and overall quality. This kind of close collaboration is a core principle of Agile.

Last-Minute Changes Won't Cause the Project to Fail

Agile is designed to handle those dreaded last-minute scope changes without breaking the project's budget or risking its delivery date. This is one of the main advantages of the granular nature of the shorter development cycles (known as "sprints”) within an Agile project. In fact, one of the principles behind the Agile Manifesto notes the following: "Agile processes harness change for the customer's competitive advantage.”

Communication and Transparency Are Vital

Deciding to co-source your programming project to a company using an older development methodology keeps you out of the loop until work is completed with the exception of a status update or two. On the other hand, communication and transparency essentially define an Agile project. Expect daily meetings along with regular chances to try out new features and functionality in your application.

The Focus Is on the User

The flexibility of Agile ensures changes and enhancements happen more quickly compared to older methodologies. Once feedback is received after the application is in production, turning any comments and insights into changes in functionality is simple. This user-focused form of development also provides benefits earlier in the process with the business stakeholders serving that same role.

When your organization has a software development co-sourcing need, consider the team at SDE. Our Agile processes ensure a fast, transparent and ultimately successful project – from initiation to delivery.Contact us at your earliest convenience.

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