Dec 6, 2016

Create a Great Relationship With Your Project Manager


A project manager working in software development serves as a conduit between the programming staff and the business stakeholders or product owners for the application in question. In the Agile world, project managers sometimes are known as scrum masters. Whatever their moniker, cultivating a positive relationship with them helps ensure a successful project outcome.

What follows are a few ideas on how to create a great relationship with a project manager whether you are a developer or a stakeholder. Consider leveraging these useful insights on your next programming project.

Solidify Project Details at the Beginning

It is important most of the project details are sharply defined before the work begins. Even though the Agile methodology is designed to handle evolving requirements, all project roles and responsibilities need to be in stone to stave off any subsequent confusion. It is the project manager's duty to get everyone on the same page before the functional specifications are written and coding starts.

If your project is using an older methodology, like the waterfall, make sure all requirements are written down and agreed upon. Changing requirements midstream in a waterfall project is very costly and raises the risk of a late product delivery. Whatever the chosen methodology, get the project manager everything he needs to ensure a successful project start.

Consistent Communication is Vital

Agile projects thrive on timely and consistent communication. Daily meetings help ensure progress is being made toward the goals of each sprint. The project manager or scrum master facilitates the scheduling of these meetings while essentially serving as a moderator.

Building a positive relationship with the project manager helps keep everyone working together, in addition to staving off conflicts before any adverse impact.

The Plan Must be Closely Followed

It is important not to stray from the plan during any software development project. Even though Agile is a flexible methodology, that flexibility occurs within a defined structure. Help the project manager keep things moving smoothly whenever possible.

They Are the Experts When It Comes to Project Management

Remember, project managers are experienced in navigating the pitfalls of the software development process. It is important to trust their expertise and let them do what they do best. Everyone is working on the same team to build a great piece of software, with a talented manager leading the way.

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