Dec 15, 2016

Learn How Agile Co-sourcing Brings Your Company More Value


The Agile movement has ushered in an era of a more efficient software development process. Software engineers work faster when they aren't bogged down with the overly formal structures of older methodologies, like the waterfall. Strong collaboration between development teams and business stakeholders is another key factor in ensuring applications get written correctly the first time.

Co-sourcing organizations focused on a fine-tuned Agile development process offer businesses of all sizes the promise of a better return on their software investment. Let's see how co-sourcing your development needs to an Agile firm adds more value to your company.

A Final Product That Meets the Needs of Your Organization

Agile is a highly iterative process designed to successfully handle change. Business stakeholders work closely with the development staff to define the requirements of a software project. After each iteration, those requirements are modified as necessary to meet the evolving needs of the final product.

The most important items are worked on first, with the product owner being able to verify their original requirements were met. This differs greatly with software projects using the waterfall methodology, where requirements are set in stone, and stakeholders typically won't get their hands on the application until close to the end of the project. As a result, any mistakes found late in a waterfall project are costly to fix.

Agile helps protect against the risks of a failed project, or an application not meeting the needs of your organization. A methodology that encourages interaction and expects change is the key.

Improved Collaboration and Communication

Considering the close relationship between the development team and the client during an Agile project, improved collaboration and communication are another hallmark of the methodology. Business stakeholders are able to verify the product is meeting their needs throughout the entire lifecycle. Developers gain valuable feedback in a constructive and timely manner.

Focus on Operating Your Core Business

Co-sourcing your company's development needs lets your firm focus on its normal business operations instead of managing an internal software project. This is in a similar fashion to businesses leveraging cloud-based services for their IT needs in lieu of running an on-premise data center. Ultimately, Agile co-sourcing adds value to your company by lessening project risk, improving cost savings and making your internal operations more efficient.

When your organization needs a software application or modifications to an existing one, consider co-sourcing the work with SDE, Inc. USA. As an experienced, talented team well versed in the Agile methodology, you can rest assured a successful project will be the final result. Connect with us at your earliest convenience.

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