Jan 4, 2017

Four Benefits of Staff Augmentation in an IT Capacity


When considering your technical staffing needs – both short term and long term – the question about using staff augmentation resources usually arises. The advantages of staff augmentation are numerous; most notably your company doesn't have to undergo a time-consuming and expensive hiring process to onboard a permanent employee. In short, it helps your organization's bottom line.

What follows is a look at some of the benefits derived from using staff augmentation to enhance your current technology team. Hopefully, these insights provide some food for thought as you make your staffing plans for the upcoming year.

Staffing Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

Leveraging a staff augmentation or co-sourcing human resources model gives your company the flexibility it needs to handle the ups and downs of a competitive business landscape. You are able to add talent as needed to help meet a project deadline, with those temporary workers simply moving on after a successful implementation. This helps ensure the organization's expenses stay manageable during slower periods.

Startups Are Able to Hit the Ground Running

Staff augmentation is especially wise for startup businesses. This allows newer firms a chance to add technology talent to a core group of employees with minimal effort. Companies become productive more quickly without the extra work of hiring permanent team members to fill every role.

Contract Free Talent With Little Commitment

Since technology workers added through staff augmentation aren't permanent employees, there aren't the commitment or legal issues as with a permanent employee. Whenever their work is finished – or if their skills aren't up to par – you simply terminate the contract. Once again, this additional flexibility lets you focus on running your core business without any unnecessary hassles and distractions.

Supplement Your Current Technical Strengths

Whenever you need the extra personnel and technical knowledge to finish a difficult project ahead of schedule, staff augmentation and/or co-sourcing is the way to go. You are able to supplement your current strengths while closing any skills gap preventing you from a timely project completion. Your permanent employees also gain the bonus of learning new techniques and technologies from the temp talent.

The benefits gained from staff augmentation IT employees are numerous. They just might give your team that extra push it needs to get your difficult work done on time and under budget.

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