Jan 11, 2017

Four Reasons Not to Use Staff Augmentation for Your IT Needs


While there are many advantages to using technical staff augmentation to help manage your organization's resource needs, some potential negatives still need to be considered. It is always best to look at both sides of the equation before making any final decisions on changing your staffing strategy. Staying flexible offers your company the best chance for improved efficiency and a healthier bottom line.

Here are a few valid reasons to forego staff augmentation as part of your business's HR policy. Take these concerns into account before deciding on a plan of action for 2017.

Training the New Team Members

While technology professionals acquired on a temporary basis are typically quite skilled in software engineering, database design and more, they still need to come up to speed with how your company works. This requires training in your coding standards, the requirements of a current project, etc. – knowledge which is essentially wasted once they leave. Consider the extra time and resources spent on temp worker training.

Internal Analysis Is Also Required

Even before bringing these temporary employees on board, your current team needs to perform some due diligence and analysis on what internal knowledge, processes and procedures to transfer to the new talent. Is there anything that requires a non-disclosure agreement? What about proprietary knowledge and/or security concerns?

These are questions to be answered before going the staff augmentation route.

Additional Managerial Overhead Is Necessary

Whatever means you use to bring in new IT talent – staff augmentation or permanent hires – additional managerial staff is also needed. This adds overhead and expenses to your company's financial statement. Make sure this is part of your analysis before finalizing your staffing plan.

There Are No Guarantees When It Comes to Staff Augmentation Talent

Even when considering the lower overall expenses incurred when using staff augmentation workers compared to permanent staff, remember there are no guarantees of a successful project outcome. You are able to mitigate this risk somewhat by choosing a staff augmentation or co-sourcing company with a sterling track record. Still, it is sometimes easier to trust your permanent employees.

Hopefully, analyzing these potential downsides to staff augmentation – along with the numerous positives – helps your organization make a well-considered decision.

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