Jan 25, 2017

How Does iOS 10 Make Mobility Easier for Businesses?


With mobile technology becoming more prevalent in the workplace, businesses are increasingly leveraging the smartphone (and tablet computer) as part of their operations. Employees being able to access office documents and applications on a 24/7 basis from any location offers a chance to improve efficiency and the bottom line. While Apple's iOS platform isn't as popular as Android, it offers a secure environment and rich collection of mobile enterprise software.

Does iOS 10 enable businesses to fully embrace a mobile workforce? What follows are a few insights to help your organization decide whether Apple's latest mobile OS makes sense in your office.

Apple's Corporate Partners Help Enable Enterprise Mobility

Despite Android's larger market share, Apple enjoys a more robust corporate partner community with its mobile operating system. iOS 10 led to an expansion of these partnerships. Enterprise customers are able to easily find many quality business apps for deployment to their employees' iPhones and iPads.

Designed to match interested enterprises with software from business application providers, Apple's Mobility Partner Program (MPP) lets organizations outfit their inventory of iOS devices with the necessary apps to run their business. This includes mobile software from companies like IBM, Docusign, MobileIron and more.

Ultimately, organizations are able to get their staff operational and productive as quickly as possible, without spending hours perusing the iOS App Store.

iOS 10 Facilitates Enterprise MDM

Apple also recently entered a partnership with Cisco that facilitates iOS MDM (Mobile Device Management) at businesses. Developers writing iOS-compatible business apps as well as network administrators responsible for device management benefit from a more efficient environment.

Even without using the Cisco management tool, network administrators are able to perform version updates on both Mac OS and iOS devices using one MDM application. iOS 10 also expands on iOS 9.3's security features – including "supervisor” mode – helping keep corporate data and applications safe across the entire mobile device inventory.

Other iOS 10 enhancements include improved device interconnectivity with the Universal Clipboard, allowing employees to easily share work on each other's devices. Support for VPN IKEv2 EAP-only mode offers secure VPN access. This wide range of new security features and additional functionality make iOS 10 worthy of consideration for any organization looking to embrace enterprise mobility.

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