Feb 14, 2017

Five Myths About Agile Development


With the Agile methodology firmly established in the technology mainstream, it comes as no surprise a few myths about it would arise. If your organization is considering Agile on an upcoming project, it is important to understand the truth in addition to any falsehoods. Both sides of the story remain an essential part of making an informed decision.

Here is a list of a few common myths about the methodology to help ensure your organization has the right information before embarking on its first Agile undertaking. Leverage these insights as part of your team's decision-making process.

"Agile Is Just a Fad!”

Even considering its over 15 years of use throughout the technology industry, Agile still gets labeled as a fad by some. Maybe some of those pundits feel the same way about rock music? As software products get more complex, combined with a competitive business world, Agile is necessary to ensure applications are completed successfully while still staying at or under budget.

"Agile is Unproven!”

The technology industry is filled with companies boasting a number of successful Agile projects. Organizational structures – such as DevOps – leveraged to support the methodology, are another sign of its maturity. It is obviously a proven way to make software and other projects succeed.

"Agile Is Only for Software Delivery Projects!”

While Agile was first developed for software projects, the methodology has been proven successful for other undertakings – technical or not. The same core principles apply whenever a project needs to worry about the cost-time-quality triple constraint. In short, most projects would benefit from Agile.

"Agile Projects Don't Deliver Quality!”

Some technology professionals feel Agile only leads to fast, haphazard work of little quality. Actually, the methodology focuses on delivering quality throughout the software development lifecycle. Agile prioritizes the output of processes, guaranteeing the best possible solution is produced quickly.

"Agile Keeps Business Stakeholders out of the Loop!”

Compared to other software development methodologies, Agile helps business stakeholders stay informed while fully understanding a project's completion date and how much it will ultimately cost. Its adaptive nature means the risk of cost overruns are minimized and delivery dates will be met.

In short, Agile is a proven methodology worthy of being used on software (and other) projects of all sizes.

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