Feb 21, 2017

How to Pick a Good Tool to Assist With Agile/SCRUM


One of the signs of Agile's maturity level is the number of software tools that exist to help manage projects using the methodology. A growing amount of applications let SCRUM masters and other team members handle a variety of daily management tasks that normally stifle productivity. They play a key role in any project's successful outcome.

If your organization is new to Agile or experienced in its use, here are a few tools that need to be on your radar. Research these and others with similar functionality to help improve the efficiency of your software projects. Good luck!

JIRA for Agile Bug Tracking

JIRA is one of the more popular options for project and issue tracking on Agile projects as well as those using an alternate methodology. It focuses on bug tracking functionality but provides a measure of project management support as well. JIRA is a proprietary application, but it is free to use by nonprofit organizations.

The application is currently used by 25,000 customers of all sizes, including Skype Technologies and the Apache Software Foundation.

Another Agile Bug Tracking Option

YouTrack is another bug and issue tracker application; this time leveraging a web-browser interface. The proprietary application easily integrates with a host of popular source code repositories, including Git, Subversion and CVS. When choosing any Agile tool, consider its ease of integration with other applications used at your software development organization.

Agile Project Management Tools

In many cases, it is better to use a tool designed specifically for project management instead of some half-baked PM functionality within a bug tracking application. Active Collab is a web-based PM application with an open source licensing model that makes it easy for organizations to try out first. Basecamp is another browser-hosted project-management option, but it does come with a commercial license fee.

How to Decide What Agile Tool Is Best?

When performing due diligence on Agile project tools, take advantage of any free trial periods to see how well the application integrates with your team's current library of software. Obviously, open source tools provide more flexibility to "try before you buy.” Research any online reviews in addition to asking trusted associates within your professional network for their take.

Ultimately, the opinions of the developers and SCRUM masters on your team matter the most, so be sure to closely consider their insights before a final decision is made.

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