Feb 24, 2017

Ensure Success With a Co-Source Programming Team Using These Tips


Following a co-sourced staffing model for a software development project offers a chance for smaller engineering teams to successfully complete a larger undertaking. It also provides a great way to handle a technology skills gap by adding talented developers to your team on a temporary basis. In short, your team is able to accomplish more without spending on permanent hires.

With a successful project outcome in mind, here are a few tips on managing a co-sourced development project. Leverage these insights to ensure your team delivers a great application under budget!

A Baseline Project Plan is a Good Start

Any technology initiative needs the right documentation to make sure everyone starts off on the right page. Of course, these include the requirements and specifications for the actual development work – either for a completely new application or an enhancement or fix to an existing one.

Additionally, a detailed project plan, including a baseline and a listing of all roles and responsibilities is a must. If your co-sourced talent is working remotely, bear that in mind when creating a schedule for daily meetings and other interactions.

Open Communication Throughout the Project

Never assume your baseline document covers everything required for a successful project. Be sure to communicate with your team on a regular basis using the phone, video chat and text messaging. Closely follow your regular meeting schedule with the entire team, but also leverage one-to-one discussions as necessary.

Bug and Issue Tracking is Important

Make sure everyone has access to a good bug/issue tracking application – JIRA, YouTrack, etc. – throughout the project. This is an important part of guaranteeing no vital problem gets missed, which is a risk on a co-sourced project spanning different continents. Spending part of each daily meeting going over updates to the tracking application data is a smart strategy.

Keep Your Team Engaged and Motivated

Keeping your project team engaged throughout the development lifecycle can become difficult with a dispersed group. While getting everyone together for a group lunch may be impossible, be sure to take steps to build camaraderie among your staff. Use incentives to motivate everyone to give their best efforts from day one – this helps keep things on schedule; preventing crunch time from creeping up before the final deadline.

Work With a Leader in Co-Source Software Solutions

If you need additional insights on using a co-sourced staffing model on your next project, talk to the experts at SDE USA. As a leading international software development organization, we are well versed in state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies, ensuring a successful application delivery. Schedule some time with us at your earliest convenience.

If you have any questions or want to discuss, let us know!

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