Mar 7, 2017

What Do C-Level Executives Need to Know About the Agile/Scrum Process?


The executive team at any organization – especially the CIO – needs to be aware of innovations in the way software gets written. Even though Agile has been around for over a decade, many companies still develop applications using older methodologies, like the Waterfall model. Any forward-thinking executive wants their business to be as productive as possible, and Agile definitely boosts the efficiency of the software development process.

Here are a few insights on Agile and Scrum with the hopes of making an informed decision on changing your team's methodology of choice. You'll gain a better understanding of the entire process along with knowing how the executive team can help ensure a successful project outcome.

Initial Considerations of Agile

Ultimately the final choice of Agile as a methodology lies with the CIO or another executive serving in a similar role. The CIO needs to place a project manager experienced with Agile or a Scrum Master in charge of the initiative. Both persons then work together to figure out the scope of the project along with the resource planning to ensure enough technical talent is available for the work.

Following this plan is a great way to begin the project on the right foot.

Assuring Buy-In From the Project Team and Business Stakeholders

The CIO needs to get everyone associated with the project – other executives, business stakeholders, the project team, etc. – together so all are on the same page regarding the timeline, scope of work, deliverables and quality metrics. While the PM generally handles the communication flow throughout the project lifecycle, having the executives involved at a project's initiation is smart.

Managing the Budget

Budgetary concerns of an Agile project require close management by either the Scrum Master/PM or possibly the person working with the CFO or other C-Level executive. This guarantees the availability of resources – personnel, equipment, Cloud server space, etc. – throughout the project. Don't let budget issues adversely impact the delivery date of your software product!

Keeping the Project Running Smoothly

Once again, even though the project manager or Scrum Master is the key person as far as managing the daily routine of a project, the C-Level executive serving as the project owner needs to keep their finger on the pulse of the overall effort. If there are any scope changes or other issues requiring a decision "from above,” it is important to be available so no delays happen.

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