Mar 21, 2017

How Does Co-Sourcing Affect the Sales Team?


Following a co-sourcing model for software development brings many benefits to your organization. You are able to successfully complete projects your company wouldn't typically attempt without assistance. Additionally, this extra technical expertise helps your organization handle a skills gap, and your employees learn new technologies in the process.

How does your organization best market the successes you've achieved through co-sourcing? Keeping your sales team in the loop as far as the new possibilities of your project team helps keeps new opportunities flowing through the pipeline. Let's take a closer look on how to turn one successful project into many.

Access to the Experts in the Industry

Co-sourcing gives your firm access to technology experts in many different areas, without making the expenditure on permanent hires. In short, the team gains the additional flexibility to better handle a myriad of different project types. This needs to be a major point used by your sales staff when out in the field.

This expertise goes beyond the technology side of the shop. Co-sourcing gives you access to talented professionals in other areas, including marketing and specific business domains – all relevant information for your sales team.

Interest in Agile Continues to Grow in the Business World

Agile continues to grow in relevance in software development as companies leverage the methodology as an operational advantage in an increasingly competitive business world. In fact, you are now seeing departments outside of IT in many businesses use Agile techniques to make those areas more efficient. As news of these transformations gets around, potential clients are more likely to listen to the Agile success stories presented by your marketing staff.

This provides a great opportunity for additional project work around helping businesses transform their operations to take advantage of Agile techniques. Access to experts in the methodology – either through co-sourcing or your internal talent – needs to be a key item in your organization's marketing message.

Co-Sourcing Lets You Work With the Best

Ultimately, following a co-sourcing model for your company's staffing needs offers an opportunity to your organization beyond just one successful project. As you gain experience building different types of innovative solutions, you are able to show your current clients what you've learned. Use these "wins” as part your sales staff's expanded marketing efforts, bringing the company's message to potential new customers.

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