Apr 6, 2017

The Importance of the Product Owner in the Agile/Scrum Process


In any technology project using either the Agile or Scrum methodology, the product owner serves an important role. Essentially the chief business stakeholder for the initiative, they represent the needs of the user community throughout the effort. Additionally, they handle any questions about the project requirements from the developers.

Read further if you are interested in understanding more about the duties of a product owner. Although first introduced as part of the Scrum framework, this role is now one of the most important on any Agile project team.

The Business Stakeholder Proxy

Business stakeholders remain an essential voice in any technology project. One of the advantages of Agile is its emphasis on streamlined communication. A product owner helps in this regard by speaking for this community throughout the project lifecycle.

Serving as a proxy for the stakeholders requires the product owner to be able to quickly make decisions. They must combine the insight of an experienced business analyst with the responsibility of an executive. As communication is a two-way street in Agile initiatives, they also must be able to present issues from the development staff to other stakeholders.

Empowered to Prioritize Requirements

As the single point of contact for the stakeholder community, product owners play a key role in prioritizing requirements, authorizing changes, agreeing to the project timeline and schedule, as well as acquiring funding for the initiative. These duties go beyond what a product manager does on technology projects using a different methodology like the Waterfall.

It is important for the product owner on an Agile project to maintain a positive relationship with the project manager or Scrum Master representing the development staff. This is another place where strong communication and analytical skills come into play. They must be able to properly model the requirements of an application while ensuring everyone on the business and technical sides of the project understand the tasks to be completed.

On most Agile projects, the product owner and the Scrum Master remain the two most important team members. Product owners combine the business knowledge and technical acumen to ensure requirements are properly defined and the chain of communication stays open. They work together to properly motivate the entire team.

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