May 18, 2017

How Is Lean Startup Different From Agile?


Like Scrum and Kanban, Lean Startup is another framework partially inspired by the still maturing Agile methodology. A process that combines Agile, the Lean methodology forged first in the manufacturing world, and a focus on the marketplace, Lean Startup offers a chance for development shops to build applications to meet the needs of the user community. Naturally, this includes a highly iterative process typical of Agile itself.

Let's look more closely at the differences between Agile and Lean Startup to see if the latter framework makes a good fit for your software engineering team. Use this information to ensure you design and build the right app the first time!

Combining Agile and Lean

Agile remains popular throughout the software development world as an iterative methodology that ensures software gets developed quickly with the right features. Interaction with the customer is vital throughout the project. Fixing defects in coding and design is much cheaper when caught early – a hallmark of the Agile philosophy.

As noted earlier, Lean saw its genesis in manufacturing as a methodology aimed at reducing waste. The focus is on building a simple design at first, analyzing the metrics around that design; followed by subsequent refinement aimed at continuous improvements in efficiency and productivity. This approach revolutionized the automobile industry, highlighted by advancements at Toyota, and is making inroads in software development.

Lean Startup combines the best aspects of Agile and Lean with a customer or market-driven form of product validation. This makes it a great methodology for use by startup companies in product development.

Building Software the Market Needs

Many newer organizations leverage Lean Startup to test aspects of an emerging business model. If they are blessed with a large amount of venture capital, the focus is more on learning about the market as opposed to quickly turning a profit. Many industry pundits call this iterative process the "build-measure-learn” loop.

Obviously, the right data needs to be measured and tracked, providing the meaningful insights to successfully drive the next round of changes. Ultimately, a similar iterative process to Agile results in either a software product meeting the needs of the marketplace, or a valuable lesson worthy of consideration on the next project.

If your organization is a new entity with a great idea, Lean Startup definitely needs to be contemplated as your methodology of choice.

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