Jun 13, 2017

Why Do Developers Love Docker Containers?


The need to write software faster than ever before – bug fixes, enhancements and new applications – is a major reason Agile and DevOps are so popular throughout the software development world. While using an evolutionary methodology and an innovative organizational structure definitely help to speed up the SDLC, leveraging a variety of tools is also vital. Containerization is one such technology; making software developers' lives easier every day.

Docker is arguably the most popular example of a container application. Here is an analysis of why most developers love the functionality provided by containers.

Containers Make the Software Development Process More Efficient

At their essence, containers are virtualized, self-contained environments where applications are executed. They include their own CPU as well as memory, I/O and network resources. A lightweight footprint is one major advantage over a virtual machine – all without the extra overhead of a guest operating system. On the same server hardware, companies typically run six to eight times as many containers as virtual machines.

Software engineers, QA personnel and network administrators all benefit from the use of containers. They make the migration and deployment of applications from development to test to production an easier and more efficient process. The CFO is also happy about getting the most out of the company's existing technical infrastructure investment.

A Closer Look at Docker

Docker grew out of a project to make single application instances of a Linux Container, better known as a LXC. The ability to easily deploy containers remains one of the most important features of Docker. As noted earlier, this allows developers to quickly migrate an application to QA and production with nary a hassle.

Single-process containers, like Docker, facilitate making granular updates to applications – a boon for companies following a continuous deployment model for their software inventory. Developers love being able to set up a local environment to look exactly like production. All these features are especially beneficial for companies using a Cloud-based infrastructure.

Along with automation, Docker plays a key role in ensuring a company's investment in moving to Agile and DevOps for software development is successful. Simply relying on a change in methodology isn't enough; containers and automation allow the process to truly move at the speed of the modern business. Maybe it's time to explore using Docker at your company?

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