Jul 5, 2017

What Leads to Quickly Building Data-Driven Apps?


Data remains an extremely important resource throughout the modern technology world; the growth of giants like Facebook and Google are largely because of the consumer data they capture and use to drive advertising. Many applications across multiple platforms – desktop, web or mobile – consume, generate or otherwise manage data. Architecting and building these data-driven apps continues to be a focus for development shops all over the industry.

What follows are a few strategies aimed at the rapid development of data-driven apps. Leverage these insights to help your organization translate great ideas into usable software as quickly as possible.

Agility is the Key to Rapid Development Success

Encapsulating the big ideas for a data-driven application becomes an easier process when building the app in small increments. This agile approach gives your team the flexibility to react to input from your customer as well as the overall market. Focus on developing a simple, easy-to-use application that meets its requirements in an elegant fashion.

Trying to craft a too complex application at the beginning is naturally more time-consuming, but it also makes it more difficult to add enhancements or even fix the bugs that are sure to arise. Remember this basic rule: keep it simple.

An Application Should be Smart and Responsive

A big factor in the ultimate usability of any application is coding the intelligent routines that let the application handle as much of any repetitive user functionality as possible. One simple example of this would be performing a city and state lookup based on the entered ZIP code, instead of forcing the user to enter all three data items. Any other automatic behavior based on context – either related to the user role or the data itself – needs to be considered in the app's design.

To reach the most people, an app needs to work seamlessly on platforms ranging from the web to mobile. This responsiveness is an important factor driving UX design. Cross-platform considerations need to be discussed early on in the design process.

Social Media Drives the Growth of Your App

Another important factor in the ultimate popularity of your data-driven app is its social media integration. Your current users are able to connect with others using the app while their social networking activity attracts potential new customers. Just like cross-platform UX design, social integration should be in your initial app requirements.

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