Jul 26, 2017

Five Must-Follow Steps to Working With a Project Manager


Project managers – better known as Scrum Masters on some Agile projects – are an important cog in the wheel of any software development initiative. They boast a mixture of technical smarts and business acumen, as well as being able to communicate easily with everyone from executives to developers. Ultimately, their work helps ensure the success of your project.

What follows are a few insights on the best ways to work with a project manager. Leverage these ideas for a smooth and successful application development effort. Good luck!

Properly Develop the Project Timeline and Application Requirements

Any technology initiative needs the right amount of planning at its beginning. This includes detailed requirements for the application, which helps drive the creation of a project timeline. This basic rule applies whether the methodology of choice is the Waterfall, a flavor of Agile or something else.

The Right Resources Are Necessary for a Successful Project

The best project manager in the world can't successfully deliver any technology initiative without the right amount of resources. This includes the talented technology professionals well-versed in the stack being used on the project – software engineers, QA personnel, etc. That team also needs the technical infrastructure to do their jobs – desktops, virtual server environments, IDEs and more.

Of course, all this hardware, software and human capital requires a large enough budget.

Letting the Manager Manage

After the project is successfully initiated, letting the project manager do their job with minimal disruptions helps the entire team meet deadlines and ultimately deliver a quality product. Follow their status reports and trust that sufficient progress is being made. Expect to be contacted if they need your input on any issue.

Quick and Productive Meetings

Regularly scheduled meetings need to be quick and focused over the entire project lifecycle. Concentrate on getting any decisions made instead of merely updating status reports. Using inter-team communication tools like chatbots keeps everyone informed while staying engaged with their work.

Add Extra Time to the Project Plan

Putting some extra time into a project timeline is a smart idea to handle any changes that arise. This is especially necessary for Waterfall projects, as Agile offers more flexibility to handle scope creep and other issues. If the project ends up being delivered early – all the better!

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