Jul 12, 2018

Introduction to SDE


I‘m Donnie Goins and I‘m one of the founders of Software Development Europe Inc, also known as SDE. SDE Software Development Europe was created from an MBA project I did at Duke University back in 1994. We took the business plan I created and opened SDE’s first lab in 1995 in Brno, Czech Republic. SDE was created to provide software development and QA resources to companies that need to outsource software projects to countries other than India, China, Vietnam or the Philippines. As an engineer executive I struggled with using resources in other parts of the world until we founded SDE.

Where is SDE Software Development Europe located?

We’re located here in the United States in RTP, North Carolina. We have labs in the Czech Republic which is part of the European Union. We opened our first lab there in 1995 in Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic. In 1995 there were no other US companies in the area. Today Red Hat has its largest development center there with multiple buildings. Honeywell, IBM, Netsuite and many other US companies are located there now at part of the tech boom of Brno. It has become the Sillicon Valley of Central Europe. We opened our second lab in 2016 in Ostrava, the third largest city in the Czech Republic. The European Union has targeted Ostrava as one of the cities that is transitioning from an industrial to a high-tech economy.

What is important in today’s fast paced world of software development?

Today, there’re over 500 000 open computing jobs in the United States and the US Bureau of Labor predicts that in 2020 there’ll be 1.4 M more software jobs than applicants to fill them. There’s a need for clients to develop longterm partnerships with companies that can provide software development resources that can assist them in getting their products to market with speed and quality. There’s a need for agile teams that are high-tech and flexible, that can communicate efficiently between the client based team and the outsourced team to deliver solutions in weeks and months… Not years.

How does using Central European resources change the outsourcing experience?

We start the interaction by using our US and European based sales offices to meet with potential clients in real time. We quickly get to the client to understand their software project needs. Once the need is identified, we assimilate a skilled team in one of our Czech labs to address the problem of the client based on the technologies required to meet that need. The teams work successfully with the clients because there’s no language barrier since our team members speak fluent English. Collaboration is easy because there’s only a 6 hour difference between the East Coast and the Czech Republic. Moreover, in Western and Central Europe the time difference is no more than just 1 hour.

Please feel free to reach out to us at SDE if you’re interested in partnering for your software development needs!

If you have any questions or want to discuss, let us know!

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