Jul 12, 2018

Why finding an outsourcing partner can be the best decision for your company

Why should companies find outsourcing partners?

Today’s global world is software driven. Think about your day from the time you get up each morning to the time you go to bed each night, how many times you come in contact with products and services that rely on software. When you turn on the TV you see software being used to update you with weather information, sports and investments. You get in your car and your software takes you from point A to point B. You get to work and you work on your computer all day. Almost everything we touch during the day is driven by software.

Amount of open positions

Today, there are almost 500 000 open computing jobs in the US. The US Bureau of Labor predicts that in 2020 there will be 1,4M more software development jobs than applicants to fill them. Companies can’t hire enough software engineers to solve all of their problems.

Cost reduction

Focusing on cost reduction increases the profitability. There are savings up to 90% that can be achieved through outsourcing software projects to other countries.

Continuous software development

If companies think globally, they can have software developers working around the clock so that you can get your products completed more quickly than your competitors.

Reduce stress on HR department

Companies can reduce your time and cost needed to recruit and hire talent. It is extremely expensive and difficult to hire really good software engineers internally.

Need for expertise

Sometimes your company lacks the inhouse experience needed for a project.

Fresh perspective

Sometimes you need to bring in a fresh new perspective from other companies that can partner with you.

Trusting your provider

Finding a trustworthy software outsourcing partner can better position your company to meet the software demands that can’t be filled given the lack of qualified software developers coming out of US universities.

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