Feb 18, 2019

Pros of Outsourcing

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What are the pros of outsourcing?

As a company, you don’t have to hire more full time employees. This reduces the demand on the entire organization. Whether it’s the HR department having to find qualified software engineers ort he demands on the IT department to manage the additional people coming into the organization. You have to consider the overhead cost associated with bringing on new employees. There’s benefits like insurance, 40 l k matching and computers for each new employee.

Access to larger talent pool

Being able to seek software engineers in other parts of the world provides the opportunity for you to choose from a larger pool of software engineers.

Access to trained software engineers

Hiring and training individuals require a lot of internal company resources. Finding an outsourcing company with trained software engineers in a specific area you need reduces „the get up to speed“ problem many projects face.

Lower labor costs

Many parts of the world offer lower software engineers cost than the US. You just need to make sure you don’t trade quality for price.

Stick to what you know

It’s best to ensure your staff focuses on core competences and looks for alternative ways to staff the less important software projects.

Need for expertise

Sometimes your company lacks the inhouse experience needed for a project. A lot of times you can find this expertise with an outsourcing partner that has already delivered projects with this needed expertise.

Fresh perspective

Sometimes you have to bring in a fresh new perspective from other companies that can partner with you.

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