Feb 25, 2021

5 things you hate about working with developers that you won't have to deal with while working with SDE


Are you a HR manager, product manager, teammember, or client and one of your responsibilities is to communicate with software developers? You might have some experiences that weren’t always perfect and were maybe even unpleasant? Let us help you put an end to that!

SDE currently employs over 100 highly skilled and experienced developers and thanks to our effective recruitment process we’re able to select developers that meet the requirements of the most demanding clients! And what are the traits that we’re definitely not looking for? Here’s the list of 5 traits that are driving customers and colleagues crazy :).

1. Funnel vision

We’re pretty sure that this is not only the common problem of developers, but in general this is a common issue. Funnel vision prevents you from seeing the project as a whole. Undoubtedly many developers prefer to do their part of the job and ignore the overall context, but what if everybody works that way? Would it really lead to quality results?

We believe that only by emphasizing the whole context of a task or project is it possible to provide our clients with the best solution to their problem. It might seem like a bit of an overstatement, but each task is interdependent and each developer should have their say when it comes to pushing the work of others forward. After all, we’re here to create the best possible solution for our clients and we’re good at it!

2. Not developing software for “users”

From a customer point of view, a very important aspect of developers’ work is being able to put themselves in the “users’” shoes. Developers should constantly ask themselves questions during the process of software development such as “What would I do next?”, “Is the software easy and fast enough for me to comprehend?”, “Are there any aspects of the software that are annoying?”

In short, developers should always think of the user first and try to understand what type of people is going to use the software. Perhaps it will be someone who is not even IT savvy. And that’s exactly what we do at SDE. In order to develop high quality software, having flawless code is far from enough. What’s necessary is identifying with the users and understanding their needs.

3. Poor communication

Are you waiting for a response to an email for days? Poor communication is definitely one of the most common reservations about developers. Especially when you depend on a single developer in whose hands is the future of the entire project. This is extremely stressful and it’s not just the domain of developers. This is more about individual traits than about the profession of developers. Here we suggest making an effort to really find not only someone with great expertise, but also someone with great personality traits.

If you want to ensure the smooth flow of your software development process, you don’t have to count on individuals or create your own development team.Try co-sourcing or outsourcing your project to companies like ours that specialize in a fast and smooth software development process. We can create a complex software solution or offer our developers to enlarge your existing team. And communication? We’re in close contact with our clients on a daily basis!

4. There is a constant lack

Nowadays, developers are some of the most desired employees, there’s a significant lack in the market. And the need is rising faster than their number. Imagine that you’re a developer and you have to live up to the expectations of clients that need something “urgently” and their lives and the existence of their business depends solely on one or two developers. The pressure might be overwhelming sometimes!

With SDE you don’t have to manage the recruitment process! We’re in constant search for the best of the best. Our team is still growing and waiting to help you with your project. Moreover, if you compare the costs of building your own inhouse team (including the costs of recruitment and the management) and the cost of co-sourcing, you’ll come to the conclusion that it might be the most effective way to get things done smoothly and with much lower costs.

5. They communicate as if you were a software expert too

Do you feel overwhelmed by sophisticated responses to your seemingly simple question? “Let me explain! @[Đ#&{ #&@{&@{ {}}@&#[Đđ €[Đđ… It’s as simple as that!”. Does it sound familiar :)?

In each situation we make sure that our clients get the response that’s clear and understandable to them, in order for our clients to best decide the future of their project. Excellent communication skills are definitely a strong point of our developers.

Let us know about your experience and feel free to contact us for more information about our work. We’re here to help you grow your software project!

If you have any questions or want to discuss, let us know!

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