Mar 17, 2021

.NET significance on the rise


It’s nothing revelatory to say that the .NET platform has been among the top platforms used for developing dynamic websites, mobile apps, desktop, games, Internet of Things, information systems and business intelligence applications. It’s a perfect platform for building complex software solutions. However, it’s necessary to point out that its popularity may be soon on an even steeper rise than it is today.

We would like to mention some of the key factors that will most likely boost the popularity of .NET even more.

Advantages of .NET

Having the support of a big player like Microsoft is giving .NET almost endless possibilities for growth and financing. You can be sure that the platform will not rest on its laurels.

However, it is important to mention that there is also a whole open-source community around .NET pushing the platform forward at an incredible pace. For more information, visit .NET foundation.

You can build any business on the .NET platform. You can have the confidence that no matter how your project needs might change in the future, you will always have a great foundation with .NET.

Apart from the possibilities and complexity of the platform for developing software, the security of the platform is undoubtedly one of its biggest advantages. Unlike other frameworks or languages, the investments into .NET’s security are much higher and therefore security issues are far less common. If issues do occur, they’re solved much faster. Also, it provides various useful features such as validations, encryptions, code checks and code access security.

News from the .NET world

What are the main news stories you should remember when it comes to .NET? Here are some of them.

Migration to .NET 5

Not long ago, Microsoft came up with another update – .NET 5. If you haven’t yet considered migration to the updated version, make sure you’re aware of the pros and cons for your project. If you plan to further scale and grow your business, make sure your software will have all the necessary tools and background to do so. If your project is small in scale and with no future plans for growth, staying at the older version of .NET might be okay. In this case, you won’t get the latest new features that the updated version provides, but at least you can be certain, that security updates will be provided even for older versions.

Here’s a link to the Microsoft guidelines on how to migrate your project to .NET 5.

Blazor, the dream of every software developer

Blazor, the new .NET framework is definitely going to stir the waters of software development. What does it bring to the table? It enables developers to create single page applications (SPA) without the need for using JavaScript to the extent that we needed it in the past.

Unification of the platform

Together with .NET 6, other frameworks are being put to life. The aim is to, among others, unify the fragmented structure of the whole .NET platform. It will also solve other technical problems that have been making developers’ lives more difficult. For example, brand new apps built on the new frameworks like MAUI, will soon be able to function smoothly on all devices and systems without giving it much thought during the development process. And that’s simply amazing!

These are the factors that will undoubtedly contribute to the rise in demand for .NET software developers. At SDE, we have our own .NET community that is taking advantage of shared know-how and are ready to help our clients grow, by helping to build safe and scalable apps.

We’re here to help you grow your development team or help build your app from scratch not only on the .NET platform. We specialize in plenty of other technologies. Feel free to contact us for help with any questions you might have!

If you have any questions or want to discuss, let us know!

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