Apr 16, 2021

Criteria for choosing a software development company


Are you currently searching for a new software development project vendor? Do you need software developers to assist your team? If so, you’re at the right time and place! After 25 years of providing the highest quality software solutions for companies across many industries we came up with a checklist of fundamental criteria for choosing the right partner for your company. Let’s dive deeper into each criteria that we’ve identified.

1. Expertise and experience

Without meeting the quality standards all other criteria are absolutely pointless. Putting an effort into finding out about the skill levels and experience of your potential software development supplier is fundamental. Don’t hesitate to search for evidence on the company’s website or other platforms that can provide this type of information.

Here you should consider whether you want specialization in a certain technology stack or if you would prefer a flexible company with a wider range of services and experience. If you manage to find a company that can provide both high levels of specialization and possibilities for growth in different directions, it’s definitely a win.

We dare to say that SDE might be your perfect match because we hire only top 10% developers from the Central European region and at the same time we have 25 years of experience from many different industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Utilities and Education. We’re proud to say that we’ve never traded quality for rapid growth and that’s why we’re able to create so many great and long term partnerships with our customers.

2. Company size and its scalability

Choosing a company that is either too big or too small can have downsides. If you choose a big company whereas yours is smaller, you risk being less of a client. What you want is to have full attention of the supplier to be sure you get the results you need. On the other hand, if you choose a small company, your risk is scalability. Small companies might not have the required network and other resources to scale the recruitment of software developers in case your software project grows at a rapid pace.

SDE currently employs over 100 highly skilled and motivated software developers. We’ve a wide network and a highly successful hiring process that enables us to react promptly to client requirements. At the same time, we never take any client for granted as we’re aware that each big client was once small. Our company size, philosophy and way of work is a perfect fit for medium sized and big companies.

3. Agile methodology

Agile methodology has become a standard work methodology for the majority of software development companies. Make sure your future software development supplier sticks to the process and is able to provide all the benefits stemming from the agile approach towards software development.

What are the basic principles of agile? In short, agile methodology focuses on the speed of development and providing tools for the possibility of fast changes in the software development process. The vital part of agile development is communication and transparency. We’ve gone into more detail in one of our previous articles.

SDE goes even further by using agile scrum methodology to ensure amazing results when it comes to the effectiveness of the development process and the quality of the software created. If you want to find out more about the agile scrum methodology that we use, read one of our past blog posts.

4. Proficiency in English

Software development requires a lot of communication. Even the slightest misunderstanding can lead to a major setback in the development process. It’s therefore extremely important to find a partner with the perfect level of English.

Luckily, in the Central European region the English language became one of the top priorities in education for software developers. We’re proud to say that at SDE all our team members are perfectly fluent in English.

5. Employer brand and employee fluctuation rate

As a client, you surely don’t want developers to change during the development process of your project. You’ll feel much better knowing that the same developers are with you throughout the entire process and that they know your company and the project from A to Z.

Always check whether the company is considered a good employer. What’s the fluctuation rate at the company and whether its overall company culture is attractive for employees.

At SDE, we also focus on the wellbeing of our employees. We’re well aware of the fact that happy employees ultimately lead to happy customers as well.

6. Company culture and moral standards

Building software is a complex and long term process. It’s not always easy, there might be a few bumps on the path toward your final goal. You’ll definitely want to share that journey with a reliable partner that’s there for you along the way. It can be difficult to recognize prior to actually working together if your potential partner has the same moral and technical standards as you? In the end, you should expect perfectly neat code and the feeling that you enjoyed your cooperation with your software development supplier!

From our experience, cultural proximity makes the process much easier. You’re more likely to understand each other's business ethics and overall way of thinking if you’re from a similar culture. For that reason, many American companies are likely to find a partner from Central Europe because the culture is more or less the same. For example, you certainly want to agree about intellectual property.

7. Security and intellectual property

It might seem like a sure thing to have all the intellectual rights to your software as a client, but you better double check those contracts and make sure you are the only intellectual property owner. Also, do you have a NDA contract signed? Don’t forget to ask about the overall security standards of the company you’re potentially going to cooperate with.

If you have any questions or want to discuss, let us know!

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