SDE Difference

Why to choose our services.


We are an Innovative Software Development Company that exists to develop and deliver Software Solutions that contribute substantially to our Customers’ Success.


To make developing software products for our customers a pleasure with highly intelligent, quality focused and English speaking software engineers.

We strive to foster innovative software solutions that will contribute substantially to your success.

Our team helps broaden your current software resources or knowhow of specific technologies, tools or processes to ensure your project deliverables remain timely and within budget.

Co-sourcing is a strategic partnership where “internal and external resources are combined” to achieve shared long term goal. Unlike traditional software development outsourcing, co-sourcing minimizes sourcing risks with increased transparency, clarity, better control over the processes and partnering rather than vending.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

~Henry Ford
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Any development project is an integral part of an organization’s intellectual data.

Our Central European main campus is protected by European Union legislative procedures. We provide – multi-factor authentication, fire detection/prevention systems, power backups, proactive intrusion detections, HW health, network integrity scan and more to ensure project protection.



We maintain a sustained pipeline of engineers from local universities and partner companies. SDE always retains extra developers to help grow existing projects.

Many of our developers have been working with our clients for several years. Employee loyalty has allowed us to maintain an incomparable attrition rate.



Taking pride in delivering high quality software solutions to our customers has played a strong role in us maintaining both customers and employees for over 13 years.

We have strong project management teams with international experience and have a local presence at both our EU and US campuses.

Our clients recognize the benefits that utilizing a Central and Eastern European software development outsourcing destination provides. Additionally, those who travel within Central or Eastern Europe and visit the Czech Republic find communication style and overall culture extremely familiar to North America.

Explore Around SDE’s Culturally-Rich Central European Locations

Central Europeans exhibit a great deal of respect for American innovation and the employment of technical skills. That being said – many Central Europeans feel that their skills and knowledge are best used in the western world but rather than immigrating to the United States, they make use of their skilled talents by contributing to the outsourcing industry or working for companies in their county.


Outsourcing your project to our team in Central Europe will provide you with access to a well-educated workforce, experienced professionals and you will be following in the footsteps of many large companies that have found Central Europe to be an excellent location for their technical resources.

Successful Standards of Central Europe



High level of scientific and technical education



Among top 10 countries with the fastest average internet speed



Continuous economic growth
and stability