Trouble Hiring software egineers?

Our Solution

  • Work very closely with major universities in the region
  • Have full-time recruiters and stringent hiring process
  • Only hire 4 out of every 100 applicants
  • Maintain a staff of 70% with a Master’s Degree in IT
  • Make adding software engineers to your team easy and fast
Trouble Hiring software egineers?

Current outsourcing partner disappoints?

Our Solution

You can count on:
  • Communication being easy with all our Engineers speaking fluent English
  • Low team turnover, we have about 8% attrition per year
  • Getting full transparency with our Engineers reporting directly to your project teams
  • The time difference being manageable
Current outsourcing partner disappoints?

Outsourcing for the First Time?

Our Solution

You can trust that we:
  • Adhere to European laws for IP and Security
  • Provide flexible teams across many disciplines
  • Provide a reduction in software development cost
  • Can assist you in the process given our 25 years of service
Outsourcing for the First Time?

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